Rowena Banks: Author & Health Coach | Briggs on Books Interview

Rowena Banks: Author & Health Coach | Briggs on Books Interview

I’m Rowena Banks, and I’m thrilled to share with you my recent interview on Central Valley Talk’s "Briggs on Books". It was an amazing opportunity to talk about my journey as an author and health coach. The following are some of the interview's highlights:

Book Highlights:

📖Surviving Sierras

A gripping tale of survival where a mother and her three daughters endure a plane crash in the Sierra Nevadas. This story is all about faith, trust, and ingenuity as they figure out how to survive against all odds.

📖Not Again

In this adventurous sequel, the same family finds themselves falling off a cruise ship. This time, they survive the tropical heat and navigate through their predicament with resourcefulness and determination. It's a testament to powerful women and resilience.

🥗 Health & Wellness:

Kitchen Alchemy:

30 Days to Transform Ingredients into Wellness

I’ve been on a health quest for years, and I realized the need to make healthy eating exciting. My guide, "Kitchen Alchemy", is a free downloadable resource from my website, filled with delicious and healthy recipes to keep you on track.


HR-Helper: Corporate Wellness Programs

In addition to personal health coaching, I also run HR-Helper, a sister company that offers customized corporate wellness programs. These programs are tailored for organizations, including school districts, to promote health and productivity in the workplace.

Watch the Full Interview:
I invite you to watch the full interview to get inspired by my journey and pick up some tips on writing, health, and wellness.

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